Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Beg me for it - Part 4

I take another drink of the soda.  No frustrated noise.  I look down at her - no glaring.  I wave a hand in front of her face and she blinks then looks at me a bit confused.  Well - I was just surprised, maybe she can learn something after all.

"Do you need some help figuring out how to beg?" I ask, always willing to give some lessons.

"Yes ... Sir," she looks down for a moment then looks back up at me, there is a different almost defiant look in her eyes - "I've never had to beg for anything before."

Well I can't say that I'm surprised with that little tidbit.  "No kidding," I reply almost sarcastically.  She gets that almost glare back - nice to know she still has some spirit, if she'd broken that easily I'd be disappointed. I take a half step back and she watches me, now curious.  "Bend over and stick your ass in the air, you can touch my foot and calf - ask for what you want."

There is the glimmer of that furious look again, then that cover up where she does a half smile - like if she plays along eventually she'll just get what she wants.  I'm starting to get used to how her mind is working through this and am looking forward to really showing her differently.  She does bend over though, hands around my ankle, and then the pleading starts back up again - "Please Sir ... please, I've done what you wanted, don't I deserve a reward?"

I yawn and take another sip of the soda.

She starts stroking my calf and she shifts her head a bit, I know she's working up to kissing my foot since she probably things that's what I want - no foot fetish here, but I like the position this puts her in.

"Please Sir? I'm still very thirsty, that wasn't quite fair of you at all - you know that it is very hot, and my mouth is very dry from all this talking"

For some reason this didn't sound like begging to me at all anymore.  Now it sounded more like she was trying to convince me to 'do the right thing' that wasn't what I was after.  But it continues.  "You know Sir, if you're good to me I could be very good to you, just for a drink - isn't that worth just a single soda?"

She does manage to work up to kissing my foot, a quick peck.  I'd love to see the look on her face, I'm sure it was priceless.  I can feel a hand moving up my thigh and I reach down and slap it sharply.  She makes some kind of 'eeep!' sound and her hand jumps back away and she half raises up to look at her hand.  Ah, no one ever hit her before either probably.  I raise my other foot and stick it on the back of her head and push it back down.  "I didn't say, stop, and if you want to touch anything else you can beg for it."

Shes too surprised to fight against my foot, not that she'd be able to.  This time she doesn't have much choice on where her lips go, since I don't let up on the pressure behind her head.  Moving my foot a bit to the side I lower it all the way to the ground, pinning her hair beneath it to keep her properly in position.  Then I bend down and pull free the two ties holding on her bikini top.  When the first one slips free there is silence, but when the second slips free there is some kind of inarticulate muttering coming from my foot ... I ease up a bit on her hair.  "What is that?"

"Give me back my bikini you fre..." I push my foot back down and the rest is lost in mumbling against my foot.

"I'll give you a choice, you can beg for the top, or for the drink, you pick?"

I lift my foot up a bit again ... there is silence for a moment.  "I'm very thirsty ... Sir," comes the eventual reply.

I toss the bikini top into the pool, that's what I figured she'd say.  I knew from earlier that she didn't have a tan line, naughty girl - it's always nice to see that unbroken expanse of skin down by your feet.  I consider removing the bottoms too, but we don't need to go there yet.  When I remove my foot from her hair again there is silence, then she starts stroking my leg again.  "Please Sir - don't be cruel, please I need a drink."

She sounds more contrite this time, but I have to slap her hand again when it comes up past my knee.  She does make a slightly frustrated sound and her fingers curl a bit.  "Please can I touch your thigh?" she asks, politely enough I suppose - at least she as asking.  "Alright," I reply.

She raises up a bit, her lips pressing along my bare calf as her hands work up my thigh.  The begging has stopped other than a soft 'please' every now and again, as though shes working hard at being audible but has other things on her mind.  She rubs my thigh for a bit with both hands, then up over my cutoffs and I know what she's doing before she gets a hand over my crotch cause I can see the glint in her eye even with her head turned down.  I make a quick motion with my arm and her hand jerks away.  For a very brief instant there is a look of triumph in her eyes, like she had planned on me swatting in the crotch.  Which would have hurt, I wasn't being gentle on her hands.  It only lasts for a second though when she realizes I had faked her out.  I reach down and take her wrist in my hand.

"No ... no, please, no Sir - I didn't mean it!"

I swat at her hand a few times, sharply, while she begs me not to.  Hey real begging, with real desperation! When I release her wrist she jerks it down against her chest and rubs it while looking up at me with a mix of shock, surprise and maybe a little awe, and a lot of anger.

I tip my head back and take another drink from the soda.  Immediately I feel hands on my thighs again and her lips close to my knee.  "Please Sir, I can't take it any more - please have pity on me ... please may I have a drink? Please? You are so cruel ..."

It goes on, but I can actually hear the desperation this time, I can feel it in how she moves her hands, how she presses her lips on my skin.  Just what I had been waiting for.  I reach down and tangle my fingers in her hair, pulling her head back to look up at me.  I take that half step forward again so her face is at my crotch level, gazing up at me - that soft look back in her eyes.  I can't help but grin, damn that image is hot.  Her lips are slightly parted and she's breathing heavily, I can feel her breasts moving against my legs, skin on skin - also a turn on.

Her hands move up my thighs and pause, I can feel her fingers curl and hands shake slightly before they reach my crotch, well at least she learns fairly quickly.  "You want something else?" I ask, trying to sound honestly curious and not mostly triumphant.

"No ... no ... " she swallows a bit then nods her head a fraction, about all she can manage with my grip in her hair - "Yes Sir."

"Open your mouth," I reply.

She opens it without me having to ask again, her eyes open and continue to gaze up at me, I lower the bottle of soda.  She wiggles a bit on her knees, and there is this look of relief on her face.  Her hands twist in the fabric of my cutoffs like it's all she can do to stop from reaching up and grabbing the bottle.  I start to tilt the bottle and her eyes close in rapt acceptance.  I keep turning the bottle, over, over ... then all the way upside down.  Hm - looks like I finished it off.

"Oh well." I say.  She opens her eyes, confused - then they spot the upside down empty soda bottle hovering over her lips.  I hold it there for a moment longer and watch her face go from confused, to surprised, to non-comprehending, to lost, sad, angry - then a few other emotions I can't trace.  I toss the empty bottle away.

"WHAT?" she calls up at me, eyes wide.  I know that look, it says 'I did all that and you already drank it all! I'm going to kill you!'

"That is 'What? Sir' to you," I answer with humor and laugh as she starts to struggle a bit against my hold in her hair.

(( TBC ))

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