Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Beg me for it - Part 5

(( continued from - http://tenderly-possessed.blogspot.com/2011/05/beg-me-for-it-part-4.html ))

"I'll kill you!" she growls up at me, and her nails do dig into my thighs this time, a bit harder than I'd prefer.  So I do the reasonable thing - I slap her, moderately hard.

She blinks and freezes, staring up at me with a look of pure shock and surprise on her face.  Speechless, I'm impressed.
"Well I'm glad I got your attention," I say with a slightly amused lilt in my voice.

She pulls a hand back and lightly trails her fingertips over her cheek.  It probably still stings but should already be fading, I knew what I was doing when it came to this kind of stuff.

"I've got something else you can drink," I offer, cocking my head to the side and raising a single eyebrow in that 'how you doin' kind of look.  Sure it sounded corny, but I think at this point in the relationship we were at that point.

She blinks and me and her eyes narrow a bit, I can see the 'dream on' trying to make it's way to her lips, but she manages to restrain herself.  Cool.

I let go of her hair and she sits back firmly on her heels, still starting up at me with that look on her face, silent and almost curious.  I pull on the chain around my neck and tug the key out of my shirt.  Letting it fall to rest against my chest outside of my shirt.  I can tell she knows what it is - freedom, in a way.  Her way out of here.  I can also see she wants to reach for it and just run, but she doesn't.

"Please ... Sir, may I leave now?" she asks - not quite humble, but almost.

"Aren't you still thirsty?" I ask, once more putting on some fake curiosity.

She doesn't answer for a moment, then her head bows and there is a soft ... "Yes Sir" from somewhere beneath all the hair that flows around her face.

"I didn't hear that," I say, folding my arms over my chest.

I feel her hands pressing against my thighs and her fingers curling, doing that tentative hesitant finger crawl upward.  When they reach my waistband they curl into it and I have to steady myself as she pulls, raising herself until her face is about level with my belt.

"Please Sir ... can I ... can I touch - it?" her voice is also hesitant, but soft - a tone I'd become familiar with over the years.

"No." I answer firmly.

I love the inarticulate frustrated noise that's parts her lips at that word - what can I say, it just does it for me.

She leans forward and presses her forehead against the button of my pants.  Now this is always the part where it gets hard, in more ways than one.  I can feel her breath through the fabric of my clothing, and the mental image is damn hot.

"Please Sir ... please - I've done everything you've asked, please, let me do this ... please Sir," she continues, the words falling from her lips.  I almost think she's getting off on this as much as I am now.

"Alright," I finally answer, cutting into the begging litany.

She lets out another small sound, this one a bit of relief and a bit of something else - satisfaction maybe?  I don't help her, but she doesn't seem to need any, her fingers that were shaking just a moment ago are steady as they take off my pants and pull out my cock.

Her mouth makes a little 'O' of surprise and anticipation and she gets that look in her eye - you know the one, that says something like 'Wow - this looks yummy'.  There is a soft mmmm sound then bliss.  My fingers tangle in her hair and I let her get into her own rhythm.  Shes pretty good - definitely eager.  Maybe she really is thirsty after all, but it isn't going to be that easy for her.

I lower my other hand and get a good grip, holding her head steady while I take what I want from her mouth instead of the other way around.  That look on her face after having her nose buried against my stomach for a few seconds and listening to her try not to gag, then suddenly letting go and seeing her fall over gasping is spectacular.  It's even better when she gasps and drags herself back up onto her knees then dives in for more.

At some point I noticed she was starting to finger herself and had to deliver another smack and some direction ...

"You want to touch yourself?" I ask as I drag her head back and twist it up to look at me.  Her lips swollen and slick with spit - still parted as she tries to suck in air that I haven't been letting her get enough of.

"Yes Sir ... please sir - so much," her hands are hovering close to that small square of fabric that I'd let her keep.

"Take that off," I order - I don't think I have to be more specific, she isn't wearing anything else.

She complies, rapidly.  Then I deliver another smack, a bit harder this time to get my point across. "I didn't say you could yet."  Her hand jerks back away, but not far, her fingers are curling again and shaking - I know that sign of need, it isn't unique.

"Please Sir ... please, let me touch myself, or you touch me, anything - I need something inside me ... please"  The words come between breathy gasps, they're quiet, desperate, everything I like in a woman.

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees," my voice is firm, not loud - that isn't necessary anymore.

"Yes Sir ... please sir," she is still carrying on, it seems like unless she has something in her mouth now the words just spill out - damn hot.

She turns around and bends over, raising her ass in the air.  I swat it, eliciting a muted squeal and some wiggling.  Then I get down on my own knees and start to stroke her - causing even more wiggling and half thrashing ... shes definitely getting off on it.  I can still hear the soft sounds of her whispering 'please Sir' over and over.

"I hope you can still beg - because if you come before I give you permission you won't like the results." I offer, and give her a few seconds to process that - damn I love the control.  It's almost like a different woman, after just this much conditioning I bet I could have her begging for just about anything. What other possibilities does she have locked inside of her?  I can't wait to find out ... I still have the key after all.

- Fin

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