Friday, 3 June 2011

Review Thursday: The Nipple Bulb

So - new toy this week, some nipple sucker thing with a bulb and plastic tube.  It was inventively called the 'nipple bulb'.  I was so impressed with the thought that went into this toy that I just had to buy it when I saw it on Pink Cherry.  This was part 2 of my order there a few weeks ago.

Sarcasm aside (for now) my girl likes suction toys.  Since I haven't had my parts suctioned I take her word that it's really cool.  I also enjoy seeing how the suction works on her body, so I guess from my point of view it's kind of cool as well.

Onto the product itself.  It isn't very complicated, there is a moderate sized rubber ball on one end, and on the other end a hard plastic tube a couple inches long.  The theory is that you squish the rubber bulb, put the plastic thingy over something, then let go and voila, instant suction!

I haven't had 'impressive' luck with toys like this in the past.  Maybe I'm just wishing for something more 'hardcore' or my ideal image of what is going to happen doesn't exist.

The first thing I noticed about the toy itself when we opened it was that the aperature was not 'large'.  Since my girl has 'large' nipples, I was skeptical that this was 'one size fits all nipples'.  I would know, I play with them often enough to judge their size without having to compare directly.

I was also dissappointed to find that they had only shipped me three rubber rings.  The package showed four rings.  This sad discovery was later rectified when my girl told me I was blind and there was obviously four of them.  I believe she slipped an extra one in there from her stash of things I don't know she has.

Onto playtime.  I deduced that you slippd the ring on the plastic column (there is a handy indent where it sits) then did the suction thing, then rolled the ring off onto the nipple.  Not rocket science I figured it couldn't be that hard.

So I squeeze the bulb as hard as I could and set it over her nipple, then released the bulb.  No suction.  Hmm.  Her nipples were too big for me to actually enclose them fully with the narrow aperature (just what I was afraid of).  So, onto plan B.  Ram the thing down onto her nipple and squish in her breast to form a seal.  Release bulb.  The bulb stays squished up - also what I was afraid of, but at least it created a seal.

After some wiggling and creative (read 'deft') finger movement I managed to get it centered on her nipple.  Then with some more manipulation of the bulb it suddenly *fwwooopp* sucked her nipple into the tube.  She seemed as shocked as I was.

I didn't get the impression that it had distended her nipple at all, it had just finally pulled it up into the tube.  There wasn't any way to increase the suction so that was about as good as we were going to get.  Ok, so I rolled the rubber ring off the tube and onto her nipple.  I think it pinched quite sharply because she jumped and went 'ooohh!!!' and the suction thing that I was holding lost it's grip on her nipple with a slurping sound - which provoked another startled noise at the same time.  Note - apparently the rings pinch a bit.

I played with the nipple to see how supple it was - it was quite supple, which meant it wasn't hard, but was still distended, the ring apparently works, cool.

Onto the other nipple - with even less luck.  This one is just slightly larger, and that slightly caused problems.  I did manage to get some suction going, but it wasn't all the way onto the base.  I figured what the heck, and slid the ring on anyway.  I was quickly informed that it was purely painful, and not in a fun way.  This also led me to discover that taking the damn rings off was difficult, they didn't want to 'roll' and pulling them off her nipple just didn't want to work.  I eventually had to just drag it off before she started flailing at me in pain.  Note - figure out a better way to remove those before I have to do it again.

So, to get this to work we had to get her less excited and let her nipple soften up a bit.  Now if you think pleasing a woman is hard, try 'not' pleasing a woman while at the same time she's waiting for you to put something on that is going to suction her nipple.  This process took a while.  Eventually I got impatient with her constant arousal and just tried again.  With some creative fiddling around we got that ring on as well.

Now at this point they look mildly interesting.  I'll consider going through this whole process again and seeing what 'long term' wear is possible.  But for short term 'playing' - definately too much work.

At this poing I'm looking at the two extra rings wondering if I could put them on her nipples as well.  Instead she reminds me that we used to have suction toys that went in other places.  Ah ha!  She didn't 'want' to remind me about that, (not that I'd really forgotten) but when I dragged it out of her it sounded like a delightful idea (made even better because she looked worried at the thought of it).

Now not that she 'fights' persay, but I know she didn't want to let me drag off her pants and get down there.  Which was kind of half the fun anyway.  It didn't take long to get her in the spirit of things though.  The results were also worth the effort.  It went on much smoother (I didn't try a ring because I was concerned about getting it back off).  But I did leave the bulb attached and attempted some 'manuevers' with it (which involved twisting, tugging and stretching).  This didn't take nearly as much work and was a lot more fun - definately the 'proper' use for this kind of toy.

Overall - not something I'd throw in my bag for a quick play.  Not that the toy itself isn't good (it is) but if I want to use something on her nipples it just wouldn't be my first, or third, choice.  As mentioned I'll be exploring the long term usage at a later time to see what possibilities that has (the rings didn't seem 'too' extreme, so I think wearing them under clothing could be fun for both of us).  The saving grace is that it's a great quick and easy suction toy for use elsewhere, which will likely be what it is used for more often.

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