Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Technique Tuesday: Bathroom Use Control

One of the most intimate activities of humans is that which takes place in the bathroom.  We close doors for a reason. Potty training reinforces the control we're to have in this area, and as we learn to become self-sufficient human beings, we begin to control our own bathroom use and the privacy therein.


Unless of course, you are a slave, who hands all decisions over to her Master, and he decides that he'd like to use control over your bathroom use as one way to assert his ownership over you.

To be fair, this is actually something I requested in our lives.  It is, to me, a very intimate way of connecting to your slave, and to her animal instincts and urges.  As a pet owner, I control when my dog gets to go outside to do her business; if I'm busy, even if she asks nicely, she may have to wait a few minutes.  Why should it be any different for me, as a slave animal, when my owner is around?

Our rules around bathroom use are simple; if we are in the same room, I must ask to leave the room (which includes going to the bathroom), if he is home, I must ask to use the bathroom, and if we have messenger open on the computer while he is at work, I must ask to use the bathroom.  In the case of him being at work, if there is no answer, I am to wait fifteen minutes and then go.  Sometimes I wait longer, just because I'd rather wait for him to return.  Sometimes, if I am involved in something and don't ask until the need is urgent, that fifteen minutes is pure agony.

So, what's fun about it?

Well, other than the basics of being controlled, squirming desperate begging girls are one of my Master's biggest turn-ons.  Sometimes I think he loves seeing the ever-more-desperate messages on IM when I really have to go and he's away working.  (I like to beg the fifteen minutes away just in case he comes back to have mercy early).  The visual aspect, in person, is not to be easily dismissed either.  Wriggling around and squeezing your thighs together can look remarkably similar to sexual arousal in some respects.

Desperation can come on quickly or slowly, depending on how much liquid has been consumed, and of course a slave is very vulnerable to torture when in this position, either by being forced to drink more liquid, or by pressing on her already full bladder.  It's a great time for humiliation as well, and imagine the horror at being taken out in public while incredibly desperate!

Additionally, a full bladder presses on the interior of the G-spot, so that pressure from an increasingly enlarged and full bladder can cause sexual arousal.  Who'd have thought?  Well, the Japanese for one, who have a whole fetish, omorashi, revolving around women with full bladders.  They have a game show about it, where girls compete to hold out the longest, and it has a huge anime/manga subculture attached to it.  Just think, all those desperate girls who only need to find the right Dom to beg for their release from!  Oh, bathroom release of course.  We'll have to talk about begging for the other kind of release another time.

So, what's it like in practice?

It can be intense.  It can be a big turn-on, though it's hard for me to define whether it's giving over control that sets my motor humming or whether it's the physical sensation of that press on the G-spot.  There is definitely some sort of physical component involved, though it may be friction from all the squirming and the concentration on muscle control.  I don't enjoy holding it so long that I end up with cramps, or so long that I completely lose control, though who knows if Master will push me that far some day.  The thought both frightens and excites me. 

It's important to be aware that if you are prone to frequent kidney or bladder infections, have a UTI, or kidney disease, or any other disorder where holding your urine could cause medical problems that bathroom use control is not for you.  Like any other BDSM activity, your own mental and physical health should come before kink.  It helps if you do regular kegel exercises, which will greatly increase both your control and your comfort.

If you're unsure, give it a try on a limited basis.  It might be your thing, and you might like that squirmy intensity.

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  1. As a man I think that there is nothing sexier than an attractive girl who is really desperate to pee. Unless, of course it is the same girl actually wetting herself in public.