Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The teasing of Rawr......

With my knees tucked up beneath me, curled into the corner of her sofa, I fanned myself idly.  It was hot, steaming in the apartment, and not just because of the girl beside me.  I traced one fingernail lightly against the back of her neck and watched her jump and squirm a bit.  I loved the way she reacted to that, it did something to me that I couldn't quite explain in words.  I moved my nails up through the short dark hair at the back of her neck, teasing and ruffling the silky locks. 

"Hot in here..." she murmured, prompting a small grin.

"You think?"  I replied, tipping my head to one side.  "Maybe I can fix that...."

My hand fell away from her neck and moved to the glass on the floor.  I slid one of the ice cubes into my fingertips, the liquid long gone, and surreptitiously raised it, her attention caught away for a moment.  A few seconds later, there were icy drops of water falling against the tattooed cherries on her chest, the water running in rivulets into her ample cleavage.  My eyes followed the path of the drops, lips curving up in a tempted smile. 

When the cold registered, she jumped, her skirt riding slightly higher on her thighs.  Her hand moved to her damp skin, fluttering there for a moment.  She saw my empty glass and offered, like the perfect hostess she always was, "Let me get you another..."

"Not what I had in mind, exactly," I murmured.  To keep her from getting away, I knelt upward, reaching around her to slide the ice along the opposite side of her neck.  Not that the attempt at escape was serious, but I was having too much fun for it to stop just yet.  I watched as the cold raised goosebumps along her porcelain skin, the little rivulets of water again tracing down to disappear into her cleavage.  It was just too tempting.  I let the ice go, and it slid into that lovely, warm little spot between the swell of her breasts, making her gasp.  "Ooops..." I managed with a smile.  "I guess I'll have to go get that, won't I?"

Before she could protest, my tongue was tracing the path of the ice cube, from the side of her neck down her body, long waves of blonde hair falling about my face, tickling along the surface of her skin as I moved.  I sighed as I traced the very tip of my little pink tongue along the upper curve of her breast, moving along one side, teasing along the dip of her cleavage, and then along the top of the other.  I could feel her breath catch, and I paused a moment, tentative, to peek up at her, not entirely sure if I was pushing her too far. 

Her answer was a hand twined in my hair.  I nipped at her breasts, one and then the other, moving deeper into her cleavage after that elusive cube of ice.  Her hand tightened its grip.  I couldn't help but purr... it had always been one of my triggers, that grip of a hand in my hair.  "God but you're beautiful..." I purred, just before biting hard, tugging at the tender flesh of her breast, running my tongue over the captured skin. 

I could feel her react, her hips shifting, her grip tightening in my hair, provoking a whimper of my own, her other hand swatting at me, lightly.  I let go, shifted, grinned at her from my position on my knees.  Kneeling upright made me taller than she was, in her sitting position.  I wasn't usually the one in power, but it somehow made me feel that way.  "Don't want me to keep looking for the ice?" I teased.

"I think it melted." She answered. 

I nodded.  "Had to, in contact with so much hotness."  Okay, it was corny.  I was hoping for a laugh, and I got a smile at least.  "We just have to use more, in that case."  Again, I moved before she could protest, grabbing my glass and moving to straddle her thighs, kneeling this time atop her, my free hand pushing her back onto the couch back.  I was grinning, fishing out another cube, wriggling against her all the while, and once I shoved the glass aside again I could see that she was amused as well.  I grabbed her dress at her cleavage roughly, my fingers disappearing inside of the fabric, tucked between her breasts.  "I think the only solution is to see if we can cool you down...."  I tugged at her dress, capturing her bra in the same motion, slowly dragging the fabric down and off of her body until her breasts sprang free.  I kept my eyes on hers as I popped the ice cube into my mouth and lowered my head, the heat of my lips finding her nipple, my teeth guiding the ice cube around it before pressing into it firmly. 

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