Friday, 10 June 2011

Review Thursday: Hitachi HV-250 Wand

Lately we've been starting to rebuild our toy collection. Part of the rebuilding has included an order from Pink Cherry that we've been reviewing the last few weeks. This week I broke out the wand that my girl has been asking about for years. We've never had one, and at the price we found I couldn't pass it up. Everyone says it's the best vibrator that has ever existed.

So the order finally arrived ( a day early actually, I love actually ordering from Canadian companies ). I left it sitting in the box out in the open for my girl to lust after. She has this thing about wanting to open things right away, her patience is non-existent with some things. I use that knowledge to torture the crap out of her. If she hadn't made a good point about making sure everything had arrived safely I probably would have let it sit for a week or so just to drive her nuts.

Not a flail
As I was opening it she came over to lay with her head in my lap so she could get a view of the toys as well. This didn't prove to be a 'great' idea since while I was working on the twist tie holding the cord of the wand together I lost my grip on the wand portion and ended up swinging it like a flail directly at her head. While this may seem like a good idea to some of you other Sadists, I can say without a doubt that it was not designed with this type of 'play' in mind. It is much too top heavy to get the proper rotation for a second swing. If they shortened the handle it might work well (and it does leave a good sized knot/bruise behind).

After that I put everything away and was planning to leave the wand for last. For one, teasing her and knowing how badly she wanted to try it was a bonus. Second ... there is always that niggling worry in the back of your head that some appliance could possibly replace you - or if not replace, do something you are completely incapable of doing. I'm not afraid to admit that after all the hype I was a bit worried that it might give her orgasms that I couldn't duplicate without it. Logically I understand that I'd be the one using it on her, so I'd still be in control of those orgasms, but at the same time it isn't really 'me'.

I won't say I 'wrestled' with that idea, but it made it easier to delay pulling it out for a real use session. I'd also threatened her that when I finally did pull it out I wasn't going to stop until she really begged me to (or passed out). I think this is doubly scary to her because if she waits too long to beg she gets incoherent so the passed out was more likely. Not that she was turned off by this idea, she might also not have believed me 100% - hard to say. Usually I keep my word about stuff like that.

So - enough background, onto playtime.

I'd had a rough day and just wasn't up to 'sex' since my back wasn't co-operating and I was sick. That doesn't always kill my sex drive itself completely, so often I can get my kicks by torturing her instead. I grabbed a few clothespins and the wand, stretched her out on the bed and started to work on her body. I don't think she saw the wand at first - I wanted to tease her a bit before we got really down to business with the wand.

When I had her squirming around on the bed I pulled it out and turned it on. There was a look that ran over her face that was part fear and part anticipation - I love looks like that. I let her get used to the 'low' setting while I rubbed it over her body, then slid it between her legs. I wasn't sure what to expect, but even with all the hype I wasn't let down. Her eyes rolled back and she almost immediately fell over the edge of an orgasm. Awesome.

When she was done I turned it off and gave her a bit of a cool down period before starting up again. I'd say within 30 seconds she was ready to go again. From there I tried varying the intensity (high/low) and pressure (harder/softer). There wasn't really much variation in results. The low setting brought on rapid orgasms, and the high setting was like 'insta-gasm'.

She also gets very sensitive after an orgasm (her clit especially) so leaving the wand on and focusing on her clit with it right after she had just came brought on pain and another orgasm almost immediately. I'm curious to explore and find the point where the pain becomes too much for her and is no longer worth the reward. We'll likely be seeing that in the future, I'll just have to make sure I tie her down first.

True to my word I didn't stop until she begged. I was right though, she was completely incoherent. I only knew she was begging me to stop because 'Master' had turned to 'Daddy' with a slight whine. She admitted afterward that she was begging Daddy to save her from the mean Master - that tickles me.

As a tip for use - don't just leave it sitting in one spot. When I did that the sensation didn't seem to build. Rubbing it both in circles or up and down seemed to do the trick. Also varying the pressure made a difference, the light touch must feel quite different from the firm press.

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