Thursday, 16 June 2011

Technique Tuesday: Beat the Feet

I learned something new this week, which is always a good thing.  I don't think I've mentioned it on here, but I grew up reading the Gor series by John Norman.  It shaped a lot of my views on life in general and I still identify partly as a 'Gorean'.  Well, while doing some searching about this topic my girl discovered that Bastinado was actually used on Gor - I had no idea (or likely at the time reading it I had no idea what the word meant so it didn't stick in my head).

So - that's my cool T. trivia for the week.

Onto the real topic - Beating Feet.

For us this was a long process.  When we first met she wouldn't even let me look at her feet, let alone touch them.  Beating them was like some kind of crazy fantasy that was likely never going to come true.

Just like with everything else, taking it slow and working up to things is how you get it done.  I was actually kind of disappointed at first because I'd actually learned that feet can be a big erogenous zone for women and I'd practiced enough that I could give pretty killer foot massages (with ulterior motives).  So - to begin I started by explaining all that, then worked on her letting me touch them, then onto rubbing.  As a side note she has the most ticklish feet ever and it is 'very' hard to resist absolutely torturing her by tickling them all the time.
Kitty Demo Bottom

I think after the first 'real' foot massage I had her convinced, and since then she's been less skittish about me being near them.  I'm not sure that they're 'innocent' feet any longer, but she still claims that they are whenever I 'abuse' them.

Like many things, this was a topic she actually brought up.  While I push her limits I usually wait for her to accept that new boundary and come up with her own ideas so she moves forward at her own pace.  I'm not sure exactly where this idea came up and she actually had to explain it to me, but once I got the idea in my head it definitely became my own.

Caning of the feet - how to start?  With a cane of course.  First problem ... she is way too ticklish for 'light' caning.  She burst out in giggles and was kicking madly.  We ended up putting on a pair of really thick socks and working from there.  Also for the first few sessions I had to hold her feet down (or tie them) pretty tightly to prevent kicking and flailing.

We progressed into thinner socks, then finally onto bare feet.  It wasn't actually a long process, after every other session or so we advanced a bit further - I think she got more comfortable with it over time and could just enjoy the sensations.

Since we had a decent toy box (back in the past) I didn't limit myself to just caning her feet.  I've used floggers, slappers, wooden spoons - quite a few things actually on her feet.  Nothing seems to give the same effect or control as a cane does though.  I also particularly like the bouncy effect an acrylic cane has.  It's almost a fluid movement moving my wrist back and forth while it warps and bends a bit, letting the momentum take some of the effort.

In actual practice there are a ton of different ways to actually perform bastinado.  I'll focus on the cane, since that's what I use most often - with feet being small it's easier to control the blows with something a bit smaller.

Just like using a cane on other parts I'm sure most of the technique is the same.  Most of the force comes either from my wrist, or from the cane itself.

Rapid blows are performed by quickly flicking the wrist and letting the cane 'bounce' on the skin.  Since the canes are often slightly springy (unless they're huge), taking advantage of their momentum lets you create more force without putting out a lot of effort.

Harder and more solid blows can be performed by using a faster flick of the wrist and at the same time trying to press the crop through the skin so it doesn't rebound back.
Do you see the blissed look on her face?

Using the center of the cane usually has more spring than using the tip.  In fact the tip can cause a more direct and forceful blow to a small area, since it is the center that flexes the tip will hit solidly and stay firmly in place after the blow (I've noticed this becomes thuddier rather than stingyier).

I also make longer and more widely timed blows by using my whole arm and letting the weight of the cane cause the impact rather than the energy from my wrist.  The same kind of technique you use when flogging works here.  Some lighter canes still require force to land solidly.

Depending on your partner there is also a difference between striking both feet at once, or one at a time.  Often it's difficult to line them up properly unless they're tied, and even then your partner will likely try to hide one under the other.  I've found that I have to hold them with one hand and strike with the other.  There isn't a 'better' way of course, by striking one at a time you can get inside your partner's head, they never really know where the blows are going to land so it makes it harder to protect one (or both) of the feet.

Since this often mixes two of my favorite past times (bondage and impact play) it is definitely one of my favorite activities.  If you haven't tried it, start with a light tapping and see how that feels, then go from there.  I think it would be worth your while.

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