Thursday, 9 June 2011

Review Thursday: Hitachi Magic Wand

It's been a long wait.

I've wanted one of these babies for years.  It was the Hogtied videos that did it.  All those lovely orgasms being forced on beautifully bound and beaten women.  There was one in particular that I recall of a French girl, who had been teased for ages, then tied with a wand attached between her legs and flogged.  She couldn't stop orgasming during the flogging.  Oh, how I ached to be her, right there in the middle of that seeming tsunami of sensation.  It looked positively amazing.

 We had looked around for quite a while in search of the elusive magic wand.  Local stores in Calgary carried it, but with a price that began at $130 or so and only went up from there, we were not interested.  No orgasm, no matter how powerful, seemed worth that much.  I mean jeeze, it's only a vibe, right?  You can get those for ten bucks.  Finally we came across a price at Pink Cherry that we could do more than live with - we could accept wholeheartedly.  For $44 and change, we could have our own crazy orgasm machine.  And with free shipping, too!

When the box arrived, it sat for nearly a whole day unopened.  I thought the Masterly type was crazy.  I love getting packages in the mail - even if I ordered it, it's still kind of like Christmas.  Finally, I convinced him that he should at least open it and make sure everything came undamaged.  He agreed.  I was in my usual spot with my head in his lap, which turned out to be a mistake.  Let me just say this right here:  The Hitachi Magic Wand is not meant to be used as a flail to beat your slavegirl about the head.  Okay?  Seriously.  I know his hand slipped, but I had a lump on my head the next day, and it wasn't fun, just extremely startling.

Once unpacked, the wand was put away.  We've reviewed other items from our order and from other places, and I was kind of anxious.  There was a lot of fuss about this thing, and I'd heard so many good reviews, and I really really wanted those amazing orgasms.  Finally, I found enough courage to ask the Masterly one why we hadn't tried it yet.  Turned out, there was a bit of worry that I might like it better than him.  Seriously, this is a valid concern for men; they can't move that fast.  There was even an episode of Love Bites that recently focused on the Hitachi vibrator (called the Maserati in the show, I guess they didn't want to give a free plug!)  I totally get it.  If the Masterly one wanted to get one of those fake va-jay-jay fleshlight thingies I might wonder, too.  Thankfully, he has no interest in those.

For me, it's just a matter of fact that he has two hands.  Sometimes they're busy.  It's like an attachment or extension of him when it's used.  I don't plan on using it myself.  Besides, I've always been very happy with our sex life and don't feel like I'm missing anything.  I am, however, a sensation junkie, and like exploring different ones.  This was just like trying a new flogger or paddle as far as I was concerned.

I finally decided that thinking about it was just going to get me nowhere and what I really needed to do was forget about it for a while.  Later that day, after being teased almost to distraction in bed, it was whipped out.  Amazing how the universe works, no?  Because I had already been teased to the very edge of orgasm for a while, when I felt the cool ball of the head of the wand press against my overheated parts I almost came just from the excited anticipation of it all.  Then it was switched on.

I think my eyes may have rolled back in my head.  I came almost immediately.  It was uncontrollable and intense.  I categorize my orgasms into three classes.. no, four.  There's the "ruined orgasm", which is when you're right there, stimulation stops, and you get all of the muscle contractions but none of the pleasure.  Then there's the mini-orgasm, the normal orgasm, and the OMGIcamesohard orgasm, the last of which is named for what I am generally muttering afterwards.  This was one of that last category.  Oh.  My.  God.

The next little bit of time was a blur.  I know that I came multiple times, but I can't tell you how many.  I do know that I get extremely sensitive right after an orgasm, and that's when the Hitachi Wand becomes a torture device rather than yay-yay-happy-time toy.  The vibration is truly intense, and unlike other vibrators I've worked with.  The movement within the device seems more controlled, and stronger, without the "jittery" feeling some vibes produce.  The low speed is enough to provoke remarkable feelings, and when kicking it onto high speed, you could pretty much guarantee an orgasm within a minute for me.  Then again, I've never been a "hard cum" - I'm pretty responsive most of the time, and am not super hard to get over the edge (again, most of the time... there have been moments I had a hard time concentrating or letting go and it took longer, but I think it's that way for everyone now and again).  I do think that the extreme intensity of the vibration would overcome just about anything else going on in your head at any time.  If you do have a hard time concentrating, this is so incredibly overwhelming that it's difficult to process anything else going on at the moment.

Afterwards, physically, I felt a little strange.  I've heard that when left in place for too long, the magic wand can create numbness, but it wasn't exactly numbness that I felt.  Instead, I felt incredibly swollen, overheated, soaking wet, and exhausted.  Physically, it was as though we'd been going at it for hours and hours, when I knew in reality it hadn't been very long at all (the thing works quick!).  I didn't think I could handle another orgasm at that point without turning into a babbling, incoherent idiot (then again, maybe I was already there... it can be hard to tell in that moment).  I do know that I might have cried if it had been turned back onto me at that point.

But I can't wait to do it again.

I think that it is a remarkable tool for forced orgasms.  During one of the "torture" phases, when I was overly sensitive and the wand remained in place, I came exhaustively hard - another one of those last-category-of-orgasm orgasms - and it almost felt as though it were being ripped through my body instead of my body conducting the waves of pleasure.  It was a very out-of-control feeling that I absolutely loved.

I had heard some talk about how loud the vibrator was, including some talk comparing it to a jackhammer on Fetlife (waves and loves to Chremes and rawr for that one...) but I didn't find it extraordinarily loud or anything.  I don't think the neighbors would hear it, but if we had a roommate that might be a different story.  It wasn't loud enough for me to find it distracting, at least, but then my mind was kind of occupied at the time, so your mileage may vary.  If you're living at home with curious parents or something, you might want to play some music to cover up the noise, as well as the moans and groans and screams of pleasure you'll have a hard time controlling under this thing's influence.

I think it was well worth the price, and will see a lot of play in our house.  I love that it plugs in instead of using batteries; we seemed to always have the bad luck that whatever toy we wanted to play with had dead batteries in it, which meant interrupting a scene to look for that giant costco pack of batteries that we had trouble finding storage for.  Finally, at the back of the pantry or on top of the bathroom cabinet we'd come up with a pack of 40 AAAs and 34 Cs to find we needed four AAs for this particular toy.  Ugh.  By then we'd both have lost our groove.  Since this plugs into the wall, there's no last minute scramble, and even better, there's no dying of vibration as the battery runs out just as you're approaching orgasm.  I swear, some of my old toys were sadistic in and of themselves.

This would be a great toy for the solo/single player, but can also have great benefits for playing in pairs.  What an incentive for giving a great blow job!  I can't wait to try it during a flogging or spanking, too.  Overall, a terrific investment and a fabulous add to the toy box.

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